Precious Metal

Metals have always been sought after. From the battles and armour of old, to sleek chrome decor and designer jewellery, there’s always a place for this statement material. Right now, a dose of extravagance (within budget) is also a perfect long-lasting investment.

Face the world with our chainmaille collection:

photo 3

Above: Precious Metal: Dragonscale


  • Gold and rose-gold plated sterling silver bracelet
  • 7.5″ length
  • Gold plated sterling silver toggle clasp

photo 4



Above: Precious Metal (Silver)


  • Sterling silver bracelet
  • Features toggle clasp
  • European 4-1 chainmaille
  • 7.5″ length

Extra Chainmaile Clasp


Above: Precious Metal: (Rose)


  • Rose-gold plated sterling silver bracelet with toggle clasp
  • 7.5″ length
  • European 4-1 chainmaille


All items available to purchase now at



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